• Foot Therapy

    A refreshing retreat for your sole

    Our feet mirror the health and comfort of our entire body. According to principles of reflexology, applying pressure to certain points of our soles increases circulation, cleanses the body of impurities, relaxes the soul, and brings balance to your body. Begin this relaxing ritual with a sip of warm herbal tea or cleansing cool drink. Next soak your feet in a detoxifying footbath and cover your eyes with a pillow infused with calming essential oils. Finally, lose yourself in a revitalizing foot massage to bring back your body’s natural energy flow.

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  • Body Therapy

    Massage Benefits

    Massage is the perfect blend of therapy, relaxation, and pampering. The pressure and pace of a normal day can leave your muscles tense and sore. Calm your mind and body, let go of routine irritations, and savor the moment. Put the mundane world on hold by transporting into a bubble of serenity. Whether you’ve come to recover from work, unwind after a rigorous visit to the gym, or to continue your regular health and wellness practice, we provide a variety of massage therapies for your body and feet designed to leave your feeling more relaxed in physically and spiritually.

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  • Our Location


    Come to Unwind

    • 1489 SE 17th Street
      Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
    • relaxthefeet@gmail.com
    • 954-368-6249

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