Body Therapy

    • massage-01


      15 minutes (20) | 25 minutes (30)

    • massage-03b


      Short on time or just need a quick fix? Problem areas are targeted leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

      25 minutes (35)

    • massage-04


      A personalized massage to relieve discomfort and tension. Medium to deep pressure targets specific problem areas of the body. Calming lavender oil revives and stimulates your senses.

      50 minutes (69) | 80 minutes (99) | 110 minutes (130)

    • massage-05


      Release those tough knots and strains by surrendering yourself to the hands of a skillful therapist using deep pressure to work away stiffness and free your body from stress.

      50 minutes (69) | 80 minutes (99) | 110 minutes (130)

  • massage-06


    An innovative fusion of warm bamboo massage techniques to undo those knots while soothing the mind and body.

    50 minutes (85) | 80 minutes (125) | 110 minutes (165)

  • massage-07


    Heated water stones glide across the body to melt away the deepest tensions. A soothing and healing treatment that will leave your mind and body well rested.

    80 minutes (115) | 110 minutes (155)

  • massage-08


    An ancient Japanese massage technique using finger and palm pressure to relieve stiff muscles, improve circulation, and encourage the flow of life energy known as Qi. This invigorating massage occurs on an Asian mat. We recommended loose-fitting clothes as you remain dressed for this technique.

    80 minutes (115) | 110 minutes (155)

  • massage-09


    A combination of stretches and deep-pressure point to revitalize the body, promote flexibility, and stimulate the body’s energy pathway known as Sen in Thailand. Performed on an Asian mat. We recommend loose-fitting clothes as your remain dressed for this technique.

    80 minutes (115) | 110 minutes (155)

  • massage-10


    A gentle massage for moms-to-be to relieve an aching back and weary limbs. Not recommended in the first trimester or a high-risk pregnancy.

    50 minutes (75) | 80 minutes (115)

  • massage-11


    Share an unforgettable experience with a special someone in our couples treatment room.

    (price varies on selection)

INDULGENCE (add-ons to any service)

    • indulgence-01


      A warm wax to hydrate the skin, soften hardened and cracked heels, increase blood flow, and relax the muscle. A comforting treatment for those with arthritis, tendonitis, or pulled muscles. This treatment can be done on hands and feet.

      (10 hand/15 feet)

    • indulgence-04


      A gentle scrub to exfoliate your dry and tired lowered legs and feet to smooth perfection. Your choice of tropical scents: mandarin honey, lime zest, exotic mango, colada sparkle, guava passion.


    • indulgence-02


      For the ultimate soothing and relaxing touch, heated stones will melt away all your tension and tiredness.

      (10 legs/20 full body)

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