Foot Therapy

Our feet mirror the health and comfort of our entire body. According to principles of reflexology, applying pressure to certain points of our soles increases circulation, cleanse the body of impurities, relaxes the soul, and brings balance to your body. Begin this relaxing ritual with a sip of warm herbal tea or cleansing cool drink. Next soak your feet in a detoxifying footbath and cover your eyes with pillow infused with calming essential oils. Finally, lose yourself in a revitalizing foot massage to bring back your body’s natural energy flow.

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    FOOT reflexology

    A quick rubdown for those on the go. This short but vitalizing treatment includes a rejuvenating warm foot bath, therapeutic acupressure foot massage, ending with a soothing hot towel wrap.

    25 minutes (25)

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    FOOT reflexology

    A ritual to bring equilibrium to your body and soul. Breathe easy as your feet soak in a warm therapeutic bath and the therapist massages your scalp, neck, and shoulders. Finally, recharge with an invigorating foot massage and a hot towel wrap.

    55 minutes (39)

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    A deep pressure foot massage using ancient reflexology and pressure point techniques to ease problem areas such as toe and ankle pain, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis. And the perfect foot massage for those who like the extra strong touch.

    25 minutes (25) | 55 minutes (39)

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    This extravagant therapy will leave your feet walking on clouds and is the perfect reward for the beating they accept every day! Start by treating your feet to a warm bath while we release your scalp, neck, and shoulders from stress using aromatherapy oils. Next, a fragrant exfoliating scrub to gently smooth and revive your tired lower legs and feet. A comprehensive stimulating therapeutic foot massage awaits. This revitalizing treatment concludes with a warm dip in lavender paraffin wax to hydrate and rejuvenate your feet.

    70 minutes (70)

INDULGENCE (add-ons to any service)

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      A warm wax to hydrate the skin, soften hardened and cracked heels, increase blood flow, and relax the muscle. A comforting treatment for those with arthritis, tendonitis, or pulled muscles. This treatment can be done on hands and feet.

      (10 hand/15 feet)

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      A gentle scrub to exfoliate your dry and tired lower legs and feet to smooth perfection. Your choice of tropical scents: mandarin honey, lime zest, exotic mango, colada sparkle, guava passion.


    • indulgence-02


      For the ultimate soothing and relaxing touch, heated stones will melt away all your tension and tiredness.

      (10 legs/20 full body)

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